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2 Bedroom Apartment - Pardi, Pärnu, Pärnumaa, Estonia

2 Bedroom Apartment - Pardi 8-10 MIN WALK TO THE BEACH! A 2 bedroom apartment for max. 7 persons in the beach area of Pärnu! Everything that is needed for a holiday is within walking distance: the most popular beach of the city, water park, cafes, pubs, shops, venues, etc. The apartment is on the 1st floor of a block of flats. The roomy and comfortable apartment consists of a living room with open kitchen, small dining area, 2 bedrooms, shower room+WC. There are altogether 4+3 beds in the apartment: 4 beds in the bedrooms, 3 additional beds. Wardrobes (2). Parking in front of the house (free, view from window)....